Telangana Topped the list of Pharmaceutical Pollution in India


The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) revealed the list of pharmaceutical companies, which are been ignoring the directives about installing online devices to regularly monitor the pollution levels.

Out of the 143 pharmaceutical firms across the nation, 59 are located in Telangana and 12 are in Andhra Pradesh.

Here is the list of polluting pharma firms in Telangana state. Of the 59, 45 are from Hyderabad and Medak districts.

  1. Innogent Laboratories Pvt. Ltd
    2. Gennex Pharmaceuticals Ltd
    3. Sreekara Organics
    4. Hexagon Drugs Laboratories
    5. Tekbond Laboratories Pvt Ltd
    6. Sudershan Drugs & Intermediate Ltd
    7. Jupiter Bio Sciences Pvt Ltd
    8. Maithri Laboratories
    9. Yag Mag Labs Pvt Ltd
    10. South Whale Chemicals
    11. Eshwar Pharmaceuticals
    12. KRR Drugs & Intermediates Pvt Ltd
    13. Vayajayanthi Drugs Pvt Ltd
    14. Sri Gayathri Drugs Pvt Ltd
    15. Auctus Pharmaceuticals Ltd
    16. RMS Research Labs
    17. Vivimed Labs
    18. Fleming Laboratories Pvt Ltd
    19. Arene Life Sciences Ltd
    20. Chromo Laboratories India Pvt
    21. Hitesh Chemicals Pvt
    22. Everest Organics Ltd
    23. SV’s Remedies
    24. S.S. Oraganic Ltd
    25. Sritha Chems Pvt
    26. Auctus Pharma
    27. Anu’s Laboratories Limited
    28 Srinivasa Organics
    29. SMS Pharmaceuticals Ltd
    30. Artemis Biotech Ltd
    31. Dymes Pharmachem Ltd
    32. SMS Pharmaceuticals Ltd
    33. Vivin Laboratories (P) Ltd
    34. Medchal Chemicals& Pharmaceuticals Ltd
    35. Perkin Laboratories
    36. Divi’s Laboratories (P) Ltd
    37. Chandak Laboratories Ltd
    38. Chiral Biosciences Ltd
    39. Sree Jaya Laboratories
    40. Inter Labs (P) Ltd
    41. Plasma Labs (P) Ltd
    42. Pravah Laboratories (P) Ltd
    43. Sanorg Laboratories (P) Ltd
    44. Sammi Bio Organics
    45. Anica Labs (P) Ltd
    46. Salus Laboratories (P) Ltd
    47. Discovery Intermediates (P) Ltd
    48. Yegna Manojavam Drugs & Chemicals Ltd
    49. Viwyn Pharma Pvt Ltd
    50. Ortin Laboratories Ltd
    51. Sri Supraja Pharma (P) Ltd
    52. Optimus Drugs (P) Ltd
    53. Archimedies Laboratories Ltd
    54. M/s. Aster Industries
    55. M/s. Hermes Chemicals company (P) Ltd
    56. M/s. SR Laboratories
    57. M/s. SVR Laboratories (P) Ltd
    58. M/s. Fugen Laboratories (P) Ltd
    59. M/s. VC Laboratories (P) Ltd.

Here is the list of polluting pharma firms in Andhra. Of the 12, 6 are from Visakhapatnam.

1. Auctus Pharma Private Limited
2. Anu’s Laboratories Limited
3. Sionc Pharmaceuticals Private Limited,
4. Sri Vyjayanthi Labs Pvt. Ltd
5. Synthrix Pharma Labs India Pvt. Ltd
6. A.R.Life Sciences Pvt Ltd
7. Siflon Drugs
8. Tyche Industries Ltd
9. Kostal Pharma Ltd
10. Andhra Medi Pharma India (P) Ltd
11. Nutra Specialties Pvt.
12. Tini Pharma Ltd.

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