“Raja Cheyyi Vesthe” Review: Good in Parts

raja che

Movie: Raja Cheyyi Vesthe

Release Date : April 29th, 2016

Cast : Nara Rohit, Taraka Ratna, Isha Talwar

Director : Pradeep Chilukuri

Producer : Sai Korrapati

Music Director :  Sai Karthik



Raja Ram (played by Nara Rohit) has only one aim of becoming a film director. He is also in a relationship with Chaitra (played by Isha Talwar), a software employee. One day Raja Ram gets a letter from an unknown person who claims to be a star director. He tells Raja that he was impressed by his script and asks him to write the climax for a film that he is currently shooting so that he can prove his ability.

Vijay Manik (Tarakaratna) is a gangster who is feared by the politicians as well. One day, two unknown persons try to kill Vijay. While one gets killed, the other flees. Vijay vows to kill the second person.

Meanwhile Raja completes the climax. Impressed by the climax, the star director sends him a gun and a photograph of Vijay and asks him to kill him. What follows neat are multiple twists that need to be watched on screen.

What is Good?

Nara Rohith was good in his role. Hid dialogue delivery and emotions in action scenes are fantastic.

Tarakaratna impresses with his villain avatar. He was menacing enough to create an impact on movie lovers.

Isha Talwar looked goon on screen and she played her part perfectly.

The supporting cast was good as well.

Interval bang has been well executed. The twist came almost like a shock.

Mind games between the hero and villain were exciting.

Dialogues need special mention here.

What could have been Good?

The love story between the lead pair was unnecessarily exaggerated.

The first half has nothing to offer and the story kicks off only from interval.

Excessive runtime and the forced comedy track didnt help the movie.

Technical Work:

Debut Director Praveen has prepared a good outline but he failed to wrap it with an exciting screenplay. Had he cut down the love track and concentered on a racy screenplay, the result would have been much better.

Music of Sai Karthik is just ok.

Editing could have been better as many unnecessary scenes occupied the screen.

Cinematography is appealing and production values are grand.

Final Verdict:

Good in Parts

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