Eedorakam Aadorakam Review: Familiar Laugh Riot

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Movie: Eedorakam Aadorakam

Release Date : April 14, 2016

Cast : Manchu Vishnu, Sonarika Bhadoria, Hebah Patel, Raj Tharun, Rajendra Prasad, Posani, Vennela Kishore etc.

Director : G Nageswara Reddy

Producer : Rama Brahmam Sunkara

Music Director :  Sai Kartheek

Cinematography: Siddharth

Editor: MR Varma



Arjun (played by Vishnu Manchu) is the son of advocate Narayana Rao (played by Rajendra Prasad) and Ashwin (played by Raj Tharun) is the son of CI played Posani. The two are best friends, jobless jacks and partners in crimes.

The duo fall in love with Neelaveni (played by Sonarika Bhadoria) and Supriya (played by Hebah Patel) respectively. They are the sisters of two dreaded goons played by Abhimanyu Singh and Supreeth.

With things getting out of hand, both Arjun and Ashwin get married and act as husbands of each other’s wives. This confusion drama gets worse with few trying to expose the truth.

How did Arjun and Ashwin succeed in clearing the confusion form the rest of the story.

What is Good?

Vishnu and Raj Tarun were good in their respective roles.

Sonarika and Hebah Patel stole the show by showing no inhibitions to shower assets on the silver screen. Mass audiences would love the heroines after this film.

Rajendra Prasad was at his comic best in this film.

The likes of Ravi Babu, Posani, Fish Venkat, Vennela kishore, Prabhas Sreenu etc did their job perfectly to entertain audiences.

The first half is breezy with countless funny scenes.

The crux of the story is narrated in an entertaining manner to not let audience feel bored.

Sunil’s cameo in title song was likeable.

What could have been Good?

Comedy looks adult at sometimes which might not be preferred by family audiences.

Few loud scenes should have been trimmed.

Vishnu and Tarun should stop trying to overact at few places.

Second half tests patience with recurring scenes.

Technical Work:

Director Nageswara reddy was at his best to deal another comic entertainer. He justified his job by making a no brainer but full length entertainer.

Music is a big asset for this film. The songs have been shot well especially the ‘Kodi’ song in which the lead ladies were unstoppable.

Editing could have been a bit sharper.

Cinematography is a huge bonus. The songs have been shot extremely well.

Dialogues were perfect. The way comedy was generated from dialogues is praiseworthy.

Production values are rich.

Final Verdict:

Familiar Laugh Riot

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