’24’ Review: Fantabulous Effort

24 (5)

Movie: 24

Release Date : May 6, 2016

Cast : Suriya, Samantha, Nithya Menen and others.

Director : Vikram Kumar

Producer : Suriya Banner: 2D Entertainment

Music Director :  A. R. Rahman

Cinematographer : Thirru

Shiva Kumar (played by Surya) is a scientist who aims to invent a hand watch capable of time travelling. When the research was about to end, Aathreya (played by Surya), the twin brother of Shiva Kumar, tries to snatch the watch.

In the process, Aathreya kills both Shiva and his wife. Before his death, Shiva Kumar hands over his infant baby and the almost completed watch to a lady in the train.

Aathreya continues to search for the baby. The things get interesting when Aathreya finds the grown up baby, Mani (played by Surya). A mind game between the two for the watch forms the rest of the story.

What is Good?

No one else but Suriya could have pulled those three characters with aplomb. He was ruthless and merciless as Aathreya.

Nithya Menon was in the film for a short time and she did justice to her role.

Samanath looked the best in sarees.

The beginning and the climax are terrific to watch on screen.

The way the novel story has been presented in complex manner, we must applaud director Vikram Kumar.

What could have been Good?

The emotional and romantic scenes have not come out as expected.

Main plot got convoluted due to the insertion of love track of Suriya and Samantha.

Technical Work:

Director Vikram Kumar is a genius and he has once again proved it. His screenplay and the plot are exemplary. But, he loses the track of main story after incorporating fillers. At the end, he did an almost perfect job.

Music by AR Rahman is sensational. Background music at times is at peaks.

Editing is razor sharp. But, few scenes between Samantha and Suriya could have been removed.

Cinematography by Thirru is world class. The way the different worlds are created, deserve applause.

Art direction is spot on and gives the international feeling to the film.

Production values by Suriya are very grand.

Final Verdict:

Fantabulous Effort

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